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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  October 30, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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counties so far. >> we've also heard the schools will be on a two hour delay. >> and all three airports are open for business but it's really just a question of when the airlines can get their planes back in place. so as always, check in before you go to the airport. amtrak by the way has yet to decide if they will resume service or not tomorrow. all right, let's get right to topper for the latest on what the storm has left. top? >> she still left shop showers and some pretty cold air in her wake and the circulation is still pretty large: let's start with the radar and show you showers around the immediate metro area. some more snow in west virginia down to snow shoe into garrett county in western maryland. showers all the way out to chicago with this thing. this has just been a monster of a storm. the good news is there's nothing heavy going on with this precipitation. we'll superif a little bit and just some light activity. either side -- actually up and down 935 and also up to -- 95 also up 270. some flakes snow will show up just on the west side of i-81. in the next few hours but the
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accumlating snow will be west of the divide into preston and garrett county and that area. river flooding well, monocacy is going to c tonight at about -- crest tonight at about 8:00 probably for some moderate flooding. the flood stage is 13 feet. it's forecast to crest at about 21. we'll come back and talk about when the potomac crests and also put sandy many perspective -- many perspective -- in perspective. you often think of storm surge and flooding and we were watching alexandria tonight. this time around though many eyes are on the monocacy river up in frederick. and that's where our ryan dean is live tonight monitoring the flooding as it happens. ryan? >> reporter: well, you just heard right now we're at 21 feet with the know knocksy river. -- monocacy live. take a look. we're told that it's going to crest around 8:00 tonight and about 6 feet over flood stage which is considered major flooding. but for the most impressive pictures it's the buck i can
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town park nearby. st underwater. you can -- it's underwater. the playground and buildings are mostly covered. it's become a tourist attraction and locals stopping by to grab a picture and see what sandy left behind. >> i think it's amazing, nature doing what nature does but i hope the people are okay with houses that could potentially be underwater and things of that sort. but i'm a nature lover and i think it's amazing to see nature work. >> reporter: the majority of the homes will be spared it looks like from the river. now 21 feet we said just so you know. put it into perspective. the he is authority cool level is 35 feet and this was 1972 with hurricane agnes. that's the very latest, i'm ryan dean, 9news now. >> thanks. one man in maryland was killed when a tree fell on his house last night in pasadena. sadly this is the sort of hazard we often show you in
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these sorts of weather situations and sadly our own bruce leshan is learning how to handle things when that tree crashes into your home. >> reporter: i've covered a lot of tragedies as a reporter, a lot of trees down on peoples' homes but this time it literally came home. literally happened to me. you can see the guys up there working trying to put a tarp on my bedroom right now. with this huge tulip poplar on top of my house. so this is my bedroom. and you can see the tree right here. came right through the attic and collapsed the tresses right through the ceiling. and this is my bed and my wife was actually lying in bed just a half an hour earlier watching tv. luckily she had gotten up and gone down into the basement to
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two down to sleep. my son was right down below this, my son noah was down here in the family room when it hit. and what did it sound like? >> well, it sounded like a -- almost like a deep rumbling sounds almost like an earthquake was coming and even shaking the foundation of the house. >> reporter: it was really loud. >> it was so loud. >> reporter: and i mean did you know right away what it was? >> well, at first because i was almost asleep and it woke me up. and i -- i was just jumped off the couch and i -- ran like ran downstairs because i had no idea what it was. just a loud crashing sound. >> reporter: i look at that tree and -- i mean the main thing is that you weren't there. >> bruce leshan, my goodness. our hearts go out to bruce and his family fortunately nobody hurt. coming up later in the show we will look at how you deal with some the insurae issues
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that come up in situations like that or damage after a big storm. and if you've got internet access consider liking our wusa9 facebook page. we are donating $1 to the american red cross sandy relief fund for every new like we get. still ahead tonight, gotten use today seeing flooding in areas like d.c.'s bloomingdale neighborhood when it rains, we have an update on how the area fared with sandy. that's next.
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we want to take a moment away from the sandy coverage for breaking news ride now. three fire bombs went off today in northern virginia. the first one went off in stafford county and that is where we find our ken molestina 689 he is live from the scene with the very latest. three fire bombs? kenny what's going on? >> reporter: yes, three. let me just correct you for a second. we're in fredericksburg, this is the first of three that went off today. this happened at about 4:00 a.m. the second happened in nearby stafford county shortly after this took place. we are along the 3100 block of normandy avenue in fredericksburg. what it looks like over here through the details of what we believe took place here. this is the home that was fire bombed the living room area had an incendiary device or a pipe bomb as police are saying thrown through it. no one was hurt but again this happened at about 4:00 a.m.
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shortly after two more in nearby stafford county, police and investigators still on the scene of this one. now, the details of this are very strange. and we've been talking to neighbors as well as police officials and you know everyone's sort of giving a little bit of information but we still don't know the big picture. police are being tight-lipped about it. but here's the common denominator in all of the attacks, this house used to be the home of a stafford county deputy. we're being told by neighbors that a stafford county deputy lived here a year and a half ago. in stafford county at least one of the two tea hacks also -- attacks also involves a current stafford county deputy. now what the exact connection is, we don't know. whoever is responsible for this is still out there. there's still a suspect that police say they're looking for. we have no description on the person however. no arrest has been made but again, three different fire bombing attacks out here. one in fredericksburg, two in stafford county. police are still trying to
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piece all of this together and we will stay on top of this and bring you the latest as we get it. back to you all. >> hey kenny, before you go, you didn't talk about any injuries, that the good news? >> reporter: yeah -- well, yeah right. no one was hurt. that's the good news. there was a woman that was living here at the time. and she was not hurt. same thing over in stafford county. so that's the good news yes. >> all right, thanks for that update we know you'll keep us posted throughout the evening. the aftermath of hurricane sandy now. a power outage left millions of -- let millions after gallons of -- of gallons of sewage escape today in howard county at the little patuxent. we were on the scene. at the height of the problem, about two million gallons of sewage escaping every hour. despite the spill a health department spokesperson said public drinking water is safe and there's no need to boil your water. on to d.c., a sigh of relief after sandy. that's because after four
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rainstorms over the summer caused heavier flooding, sandy left the area relatively unscathed. >> it was perfectly fine. i was shocked. you know. it's -- before it would rain like a half an hour and you know, it would nod. and then we get a -- flood. and then we get a hurricane and nothing happens. >> residents have been told aging storm drains and sewage systems are to blame for the previous flooding and some of the storm drains were cleaned out before sandy but not really sure what made such a big difference this time around. still to come, thousands of flights canceled and thousands of people stranded. an update now on the local airports as they try to get back to normal.
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the operations are also starting to get back to normal at the airports along the eastern seaboard. these soldiers among the first to arrive at bwi today. they came straight from the air force base in germany and they pretty much had the place all to themselves. alex is live at reagan national airport in arlington with an update on the operations there, alex? >> reporter: derrick like winning a small lottery with the people who are trying to leave today and actually have
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gotten to. everyone's been glued to the flight schedules over there. many still have to wait until tomorrow but they're trying to make the best of it. looks like delta passengers drew the lucky straw. the airline had dozens of flights while its competitors had less than a handful combined. >> we were half expecting when we got here to find it cancel sod this is a very pleasant surprise. >> i would not want the see the hotel again tonight. we're done with it. >> security check point. >> reporter: passengers stranded because of hurricane sandy have become very familiar with the airport and airline employees. >> they kind of rotate their crews every 12 hours or so-so i know the core four or five of them. >> no razor and no medications and -- no toothbrush. it's been an interesting couple of days. >> reporter: the baggage claim is still mainly empty but these two women are glad to have finally made it to a yog convention. >> i was able to make it in. >> took off right on schedule and arrived right on schedule. >> reporter: others have important reasons besides
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family to make it home. >> we need to vote. haven't voted yet so need to get home and vote. >> reporter: i'm told all other airlines will start flying tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. live at reagan national airport, alex shabad, 9news now. >> and there's a yoga convention here, who knew? >> maybe that's why they had so much zen. >> they don't stress out. >> no. >> the up arable effect of this -- ripple effect of this though. it goes on for days. >> i thought the story earlier about chicago -- it's kind of -- it's sort of neat too. we were in the 30s and upper 40s. it's warmer in northern vermont in the 60s there. >> we've dropped 40 degrees in a week. >> it was 84 last wednesday. hard to believe. >> thank you sandy. >> let's start with the -- well, the size of sandy. she was just so large and we kept you know talking about this. that's one reason why she affected new york the way she did when she made landfall in
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southern jersey. the diameter 945 miles, that's mixed with the largest hurricane in diameter. igor back in 2010 was 920 miles. and pretty close. and then olga 2001 was 865 miles. now let's just kinds of park the storm over -- kind of park the storm over the east coast and this will tell you how big it is or was. if you park it there it will affect des moines and it will affect houston and it will affect key west and all the way up to maine. i mean that's a big storm and now the biggest hurricane in diameter in history. okay, the other side of sandy was snowfall. look at this. this is probably 3 or 4 feet. this is from snow shoe. christy sent this picture as well. probably another 6 to maybe 10 inches on the way tonight, tomorrow, and even tomorrow night will probably see a little bit of snow. now we have to deal with some river flooding, it's in the
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crazy bashar al-assad right now, the -- not crazy bad right now. the monocacy will crest continue. also remember that number is a forecast. right now we're expecting moderate flooding on the monocacy later tonight. now point of rocks potomac, flood stage 16. the crest forecast to be 22.3. that's 8:00 tomorrow. and then we expect minor to moderate flatting at point of rocks -- flooding at point of rocks. closer to town, wisconsin avenue well we're looking at flood stage at 6 feet and about 8.6 crest on thursday morning at 2:00. and we think minor flooding there. but again, we'll keep opposed because these -- you posted because the crest numbers will change as we get more data to how much water is draining into the basin. okay, michael & son weather camera live, it's cloudy outside. it's not very -- there's not much heavy activity going on. just a couple of sprinkles here and there. 43 at the airport. winds still south-southwest at 8 and the pressure rising at
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29.41 inches of mercury. radar we have a little bit of shower activity in part os temperature metro area. west of i-81. romney might even see a snow flake in winchester and frederick county. in fact bill a snow flake over the next hour or so. give us an e-mail if you have. still 41 in bethesda. 42 great falls, 40 fairfax and 42 in college park and looking at 41 in laurel and also 41 in rockville. so breezy can cool. just a few showers tonight. nothing heavy. grab a jacket. mainly dry for the morning commute. but the kids will need a jacket in the morning. temperatures will start out in the 30s and 40s. so for tonight mostly cloudy, breezy cold. showers, mountain snows. 36 to 42. now tomorrow morning, we're look at mostly cloudy skies. maybe a shower. 30s and 40s. winds still southwest at 10 to 15. so still breezy. and then by afternoon, variable clouds could see a break in the action maybe a shower. high temps around 55.
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and winds west southwest at 10 to 15. next three days, maybe a shower tomorrow. 54. we'll go green on thursday and friday. 55 on thursday. perhaps a shower. a nice way the finish the week. -- to finish the week. more sunshine. in fact notice more sunshine here but a little bit on the chilly side on friday. weekend not bad at all. turn your clocks back one hour saturday night and sunday upper 60s and back in the 50s on monday. if you are left dealing the whirlwind of destruction after superstorm sandy we have an expert here to guide you through the dos and don'ts to get you help the -- help you get the help that you need. we'll be back. 
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the buzz of chainsaws may become common background noise in the next couple of days and for these folks in falls church they were pretty useful to help break up a tree that fell onto their house. after sandy, many homeowners were left with a leaky roof, a flooded basement and other damage that could mean a call to their insurance act and so now that -- agent and so now that sandy is gone what do you do? to help saw call for action consumer advocate shirley rooker who has been helping consumers in the area for decades now and she's going to help you now. >> but i'm not coming out with
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a chainsaw. >> no. no. no. thank you. thank you thank you. all right let's talk about first what you should do if you've got a leaky roof. we have some bullet points to put up on the screen. identify the source, we need to check our gutters and then contact the insurance agent. >> yes, you need to know the source first to know where the problem is. you probably won't be able to identify the source because we won't go up on the roof toshiba the problem is. but you can get binoculars and to up to their freak -- go to your neighbors and go up to the roof and see what you can see. if you're going to hire somebody to do the roof check them out. check the facts, they have license, that they're licensed to do business. they should have insurance. all of those good consumer advocate tips. and by the way, we put a lot of these tips up at so people can fill in the blanks from the website. >> you check your gutters and then you call the insurance companies. so you need to do your own sort of research first about what's going on with your situation
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and then call and find out. >> it all depends lesli, on what the circumstances are. if you have got a flood coming down, you're going to have to some problems and diehl with it right away -- deal with it right away. but don't panic, take your time and get more than one estimate. you may or may not want the file a claim. >> let's talk about basement flooding. a lot of people with water in the basements today and that could happen over the next few days as well. some of things you need to do is definitely check the electrical affluences and check for mold. >> the flooding problem may be something as simple as a downed spout or stopped up gutters or something as complex as a cracked foundation. you may or may not be able to determine that but first thing is start checking the smaller less complex things to see if there's some way that you can finds a resolution to the problem. and look at your gutters very carefully because they can be a
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real source of problems. >> we're running out of time. i know mold is something you say you need to be concerned in a flooded -- about in a flooded basement. >> it can cause problems structurally and for people who are particularly sensitive to mold. >> the last thing we know a lot of people are pray around and don't have -- preying around and don't have good intentions, how to know? >> if they tell you it has to be done right away and they won't give you an estimate that should raise some red flags. you may have an emergency situation and you may also finds the insurance agent will refer you to someone to do the work. >> shirley rooker with call for action. thank you so much. we have steps to guide you through all of this on the website. guys? such important stuff. thanks lesli. that's all for 9news now at 6:00. stay with wusa9, the cbs "evening news" is next. >> at 7:00 we are back with our area's only local newscast at 7:00. as always, is on. >> good night. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]
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